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*Note:  I use full size images for my tutorials so please allow the page to fully load.

For this tutorial you will need:

The Alphonse Mucha picture Ivy ~ "right click" and save from below.
Paint Shop Pro 7 ~ download a trial version here.
Eye Candy 4000 ~ trial version will not work for this.
(Eye Candy 3 will work but slightly different look ~ download a full version here or here.)
VM Filters  ~ download here.
Simple's Pizza Slice Mirror Filter ~ download here.
20/20 ~ download here.

If you are using Eye Candy 3 ..... The main instructions are for EC4000 but I have provided screen shots of the EC3 look also.

Ok let's get started...

Open the Ivy picture in PSP.

 Open a new 200 x 200 image with these settings:

With your new image active go to Selections > Select All.

Click on your Ivy picture to make it active.

Click your copy button > Edit > Paste > Paste into selection (shift+ctrl+L)

Selections > Select none.

Effects > Plug-Ins > Eye Candy 4000 > Swirl > These settings:
(EC3 settings below.)

Apply The Swirl again at the same settings.

You should now have:

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