Blooming Fill Tiles

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For this tutorial you will need:

PSP 7 download the trial version

Simple's Pizza Slice Mirror Filter

I use full size graphics so the pages may take a moment to load.

Open two images both 100 x100.

Set your colors at #FFD3D3 and #E0D3FF.

In the Styles boxes choose gradient then click the main box.

In the gradient box choose edit.

Choose "#1 Foreground-Background".

Click on the Copy button.

Now name this "Burst 1".

Click ok.

Now we will edit our gradient.

Click the right end "bottle" > the little box by "Custom" > then the color box and choose white.

Now you should have this:

Click ok.

Set the gradient at:

Horizontal 50
Vertical 50
Repeats 10
3rd Style

Click ok.

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