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For this tutorial you will need:
PSP 7 ~ download a trial version.
Candy Gradient ~ download here.
(Unzip and lace in your PSP gradient folder.)

I have to say I have no idea what to do with this but thought it was a neat way to make curls LOL!
Have fun with these!

Open a new image:
400 x 400 pixels
16.7 Million colors

File > Save as > curl.psp
Every couple of steps be sure to hit your save button.

Add a new layer.

Set your foreground Styles box to Whisper's Candy Cane gradient.

Click on the small back arrow on the Styles box and choose gradient.

Now click on the preview area of the same Styles box.  You will get a pop up box.  Click on the arrow bar next to the gradient preview box.  Find the gradient called Whisper's Candy Cane.  Now set to the top Style, Angel 5, Repeats 1 and Invert checked.

Set your background Styles box to null.

Select your draw tool and set at:
Single Line
Width 20
Antialias checked
Vector UNchecked
Close path UNchecked

(Now keep in mind that this will only work if you are on 50, 150, 250, or 350 measurements horizontally.)

Place you cursor at 10, 150.
(Look at the numbers in the bottom left of PSP.)

Hold your shift key and click and drag to the right to 390,150 which will make your line 380 long.

(Click for larger image.)

Effects > Geometric Effects > Curly Q's > these settings:
Columns & Rows 4
Size 100%
Strength 15

(Click for larger image.)

Click ok.

You should have something like this:

(Click for larger image.)

If you don't then your cursor was not on the 150 line.  Hit undo and try again.

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