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*Note:  I use full size images for my tutorials so please allow the page to fully load.

For this tutorial you will need:
Paint Shop Pro 7 ~ download a trial version here.
Simple Filters ~ download here.
Eye Candy 4000 ~ download a trial version here - or -
Eye Candy 3 ~ download a full version here or here.

What I found interesting when playing with different tile sizes was that even if the same settings were used the tiles all came out with different patterns, so.......

Open new 50 x 50, 75 x 75, and/or 100 x 100 images,
 with these settings:


Set the colors to:

Foreground to #69A3A5
Background to #528586

Flood  fill the whole image with your foreground color.


Choose your selection tool and set at:

Draw a box of marching ants on the bottom half of your image.
(For the tiny you start at 0,25, for small you start at 0,38 and medium start at 0,50.)


Flood fill with the background color.


Selections > Select None.

Effects > Plug-Ins > Eye Candy > Swirl > these settings:

(EC4000 ~ click for larger picture.)

(EC3 ~ click for larger picture.)

Click ok or the check mark.


EC4000 >    

EC3 >    

Effects > Plug-Ins > Simple > Diamond.

EC4000 >    

EC3 >    

Effects > Plug-Ins > Simple > Pizza Slice Mirror

All Done

Page 2 for the finished tiles and other examples.