(50% of the size we will end up with.)

This tutorial was created and put on this site on Nov. 8, 2001.
It is property of and 2001-2002 to Whisper's Web Works.
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For this tutorial you will need:
PSP 7 ~ download a trial version.
Blade Pro ~ download a trial version.
Glass wing fill ~ download here, unzip to your desktop.
Dark pearls tube ~ download here, unzip to your desktop.


Open the dkpearl tube in PSP and export it.

Open wingfill.jpg and minimize.

Open a new image:
400 x 400 pixels
16.7 Million colors

File > Save as > dragonfly.psp
Every couple of steps be sure to hit your save button.

Add a new layer.

Select your tube tool, choose dkpearls set at scale 60.

Place a dark green pearl a little above center.  (You may have to place a pearl then hit undo a couple of times until you get the dark green pearl.)

Click on the deformation tool.

Click on the bottom center node and drag it down slightly.

In your Tool Options box click apply.

Effects > Sharpen > Sharpen.

Add a new layer.

Using your tube tool again, set the tube at scale 35.

Choose and place one color pearl add a layer and choose and place a second color pearl.

Use your mover tool to position the smaller pearls right under the green pearl.

Turn off layer 1 and body layer, right click on either of the two other layers and Merge > Merge visible.

Right click on the merged layer and duplicate.

Use your mover tool to position the smaller pearls.

Right click and merge these layers.

Right click on the merged layer and duplicate.

Image > Resize > 75% of original, make sure all layers is UNchecked.

Turn your body layer back on.

We are now going to add the "eyes"

Add a new layer.

Change your tube scale to 25.

Place one pearl for an "eye."

Right click the eye layer and duplicate, move them so that they are side by side at the top of the body.

With layer 1 still turned off merge visible and rename this layer body.

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