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Thanks to Sinamin & Sassy for the Glass Glowing Text tutorial.

*Note:  I use full size images for my tutorials so please allow the page to fully load.

For this tutorial you will need:
Paint Shop Pro 7 ~ download a trial version here.
Fantastic Machine's Paint Engine ~ download here.
VM Filter  ~ download here.
Simple's Zoom Out and Flip Filter ~ download here.

Let's get started...

Open a new image with these settings:

Set you colors to the following:

Foreground - #C98A3F
Background - #9A3F30

In the Styles boxes choose gradient for the top

and null for the bottom.

Click on the gradient and use these settings:
(Click on the button next to the preview window and choose gradient #1 Foreground-Background.)

Click ok.

Now your Styles boxes should look like this:

Chose your flood fill tool and fill your image.

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