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This tutorial was created and put on this site on May 19, 2003.
It is property of and 2001-2003 to Whisper's Web Works.
Please do not copy or place this tutorial or any of the graphics on any site,
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For this tutorial you will need:
Paint Shop Pro 8  ~ download a trial version.

Open a new image:
300 x 300 pixels
Raster Background
16.7 Million colors


Choose the selection tool and set at circle, antialias checked and 0 feather.  

Place your cursor in the center of your image and draw out a circle that pretty much fills up the image space.

Flood fill with a medium color, I am using #1F217D.

Selections > Load/Save Selection > Save Selection to Alpha Channel > Save.
(For PSP 7 the path would be:  Selections > Save to Alpha Channel > Ok > Ok.)

Selections > Float.

Effects > 3D Effects > Cutout > these settings:
Vertical & Horizontal -15
Opacity 60
Blur 90
Shadow color black

Selections > Select none.

Right click on your raster 1 layer and Duplicate.

Effects > Illumination Effects > Sunburst > these settings:
Color white
Light spot
     Brightness 70
     Horizontal 40
     Vertical 35
     Density 0
     Brightness 0
     Brightness 0

You will want to set the position and brightness according to your liking.

Adjust > Blur > Gaussian Blur > 8.
(For PSP 7 the path would be:  Effects > Blur > Gaussian Blur > 8.)

Selections > Load/Save Selection > Load Selection from Alpha Channel > Selection #1, Invert image checked > Load.
(For PSP 7 the path would be:  Selections > load from Alpha channel > Ok.  Then you will need to add a step - Selections > invert.)

Hit the delete key on your keyboard.

Selections > Select none.

You may want to lower the opacity of your "copy" layer if your highlight is too bright.  Once you have it to your liking, right click on either layer and Merge > Merge visible.

Adjust > Add/Remove Noise > Add Noise > these settings:
3 %
Monochrome checked

(For PSP 7 the path would be:  Effects > Noise > Add > 3 % uniform.)

Now just color it to your heart's content!


Page 2 for more examples by my testers.

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