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You will need:

Tutorial Zip
PSP 7 with Animation Shop
Eye Candy 4000
Sparkle Filter

This tutorial is graphic intensive because I use full size example graphics except where noted.

Unzip your tutorial zip.  Open the three glass .jpgs and load the dusky.grd into your PSP gradient folder.

Open a new image:

Flood fill the first layer with #B3CCD5.  Call the layer "Background".

Make a new layer.  Call this layer "Main Image".

With the shape tool and these settings
draw a circle about 358 round.

Select the Object Selector Tool  and insert nodes in between the ones already there.

To place a node hover on the line until you see a ~ (squiggle) under the cursor then hold down the ctrl button and click the line where you want the node.

Now you need to start pulling nodes around.  Click and hold onto the little boxes to move the line around. (Click pictures for larger view.)

Pull 1

Pull 2

Pull 3

Pull 4

Once you have it to the shape you want click the top bar of your image and now you have something like this:

You can go back to the node edit mode to make changes.

Right click the vector layer in your layer palette and convert to a raster layer.

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