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Thanks to Sinamin & Sassy for the Glass Glowing Text tutorial.

*Note:  I use full size images for my tutorials so please allow the page to fully load.

For this tutorial you will need:

Paint Shop Pro 7 ~ download a trial version here.
Eye Candy 4000 ~ trial version will not work for this.
(Eye Candy 3 will work but the effect isn't really that great ~ download a full version here or here.)


Before you start you need to know what color the image will be against,
keep that color in the back of your mind.

All set?  Let's go...

Open a new image with the following settings:

Click ok.

Set your foreground color to #A0362E and your background color to #C89C32.

Set the top Styles box to null and the bottom Styles box to gradient.

Click inside the gradient and set the following:
(Click the button next to the preview to chose #1 Foreground-Background.)

Click ok.

Activate your text tool .

Click on your graphic and type Text on Fire in a large chunky font.

Click ok.

Do not deselect until I tell you!  :o)

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