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For this tutorial you will need:
PSP 7 ~ download a trial version.
Simple Filters ~ download here.
KPT5 ~ this is a purchase only product.
Tutorial zip - download here.
Included in this zip are:
Cool Kitchen.jpg - place in your KPT5\presets\ShapeShifter folder
WW-chrome.jgd - place in your Paint Shop Pro 7\Gradients folder
WW-ornament.pbv - place in your Paint Shop Pro 7\Presets folder

We are going to make the pattern first.

Open a new image:
500 x 500 pixels
16.7 Million colors

Flood fill with white.

Effects > Texture Effects > Blinds > these settings:
Color black
Width 10
Opacity 40
Horizontal & Light from top/left both checked

(Click for larger view.)

Effects > Geometric Effects > CurlyQs > these settings:
Columns & Rows 3
Size 100
Strength 30

(Click for larger view.)

Effects > Plug-in Filters > Simple > Pizza Slice Mirror.

Effects > Geometric Effects > Circle.

Effects > Edge > Enhance.

File > Save as > yourfilename.jpg

I would save this on my desktop or somewhere it is easy to find.

It is important that this be saved in .jpg format.

Now you can close this image.

Open a new image with the same settings.

File > Save as > yourfilename.psp

Set your background to solid white and your foreground to null.

Select your shapes tool and set at:
line width 1
Antialias & Vector checked
Line style solid

Draw a circle that is about 300x300.

Objects > Align > Center in Canvas.

In your layer palette right click on your vector layer and convert to raster.  Rename this layer Ball.

Selections > Select all.

Selections > Float.

Selections > Modify > Expand > 1.

Effects > Plug-in Filters > KPT5 > KPT5 ShapeShifter.

I will give you instructions for each of the boxes:

1. Main Shape - Bevel masking checked.
Change the Bevel Scale to 80% & the Bevel Height to 25%.
(At the top of each box on the right side there is a small set of boxes, if you click on those your box will expand to show a percentage scale.)

2. Environment - click on the colored ball, find the Cool Kitchen.jpg, click open.
Mix Tinting Color 9%
Mix Environment 100%
Glass Refraction 0%
To make your ornament lighter or darker just slide the Internal Refraction up or down to your liking.
You may also want to change the color in the Environment box.

3. Top Mask - Click on the white square in the Top Mask box.  Find the pattern.jpg that we made, click open.  (You can use any .jpg in this area.)
Noise masking checked
Bevel masking unchecked
Transparency & Emboss Scale 0
Emboss Height 35%

4.  Lighting, Bump Map should be default.
Glow and Shadow should be turned off.

Now click on the check mark in the bottom right corner to apply the filter.

Selections > Modify > Contract > 1.

Selections > Invert.

Hit the delete key on your keyboard 1 time.

Selections > Select none.

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