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Here is a small pic to refer to for the shape.

(This is 50% resized and filled for better view.)

Now we need to add some nodes.
(To add a node place your pointer at the spot you want to add to, hold down your Ctrl key - the word add will show up - then left click.)

Now you want to work your nodes into the basic guitar shape.
If need be right click on a node and choose one of the different node types.  This will allow you to adjust the curve of the node.  Play with the adjustment handles of each node also.  If you lengthen an adjustment handle you will get a bigger, looser curve, and if you shorten it you will get a tighter curve.

I will show you progress shots and tell you what I did to each node as I make my guitar body.

Moved the node out and up.

Moved the node out.

Moved both nodes out.

Moved both nodes out.

Can you see the basic shape coming through?

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