(50% of the finished graphic.)

This tutorial was created and put on this site on December 29, 2001.
It is property of and 2001-2002 to Whisper's Web Works.
Please do not copy or place this tutorial or any of the graphics on any site,
email or elist without written permission directly from me.
If you would like to share the url for this tutorial, you may do so without writing for permission,
but I always welcome a "who, where" email.  Thank you.

For this tutorial you will need:
PSP 7 ~ download a trial version.
Blade Pro ~ download a trial version.
Blade Pro preset Shiny Textured Gold ~ download here.
(Unzip and place in your BP environments & textures folder.)
Tutorial Selection Files ~ download here.
(Unzip into your selections folder or somewhere easy to find.)

Open a new image:
500 x 625 pixels
16.7 Million colors

File > Save as > magician.psp
Every couple of steps be sure to hit your save button.

(When I say "load whatever.sel" that means:
Selections > Load from disk... > find your unzipped folder > whatever.sel > open.)

This tutorial has a LOT of layers to it but I have not included very many screen shots.
So I have broken the tutorial into parts to help you keep your place.

Part 1

Load mhead.sel

Flood fill with #FAD9D7.

Selections > Float.

Effects > 3D Effects > Cutout > these settings:

Vertical & Horizontal  5
Opacity  38
Blur  25
Color  #55382D

(Click for a larger view.)

Selections > Select none.

Part 2

Add a new layer.

Load mshoe.sel

Flood fill with black.

Selections > Select none.

Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel > these settings:

Bevel  Rounded
Width  31
Smoothness  31
Depth  12
Ambience  0
Shininess  44
Color  White
Angle  315
Intensity  42
Elevation  30

(Click for a larger view.)

Part 3

Right click on the shoe layer and duplicate.

Image > Mirror.

The shoes will need to be moved closer together but you can do that after we put his pants on.

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