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Part 3

Right click and save the image below if you are skipping the TerraGen part of this tutorial.  You may also use an image of your own.

Open your image in PSP.

Shift + D will duplicate your image.  Close the original and then File > Save as > meye.psp > save.

Resize if you wish.  I am resizing down to 400 pixels wide.  Don't forget to Effects > Sharpen > Sharpen if you do resize.

In your Layer Palette right click on the Background layer and promote to layer.  Right click again and duplicate.

Effects > Geometric Effects > Circle.

Image > Resize > 50% of Original and be sure to UNcheck resize all layers > ok.

(Click for larger view.)

Selections > Select all.

Selections > Float.

Effects > 3D Effects > Cutout > these settings:
Vertical & Horizontal 5
Opacity 48
Blur 41.3
Shadow color #E0D2DC

(Click for larger view.)

Leave selected.

Repeat the Cutout with these settings:
Vertical & Horizontal -5
Opacity 48
Blur 45
Shadow color Black

If the edge of your sphere seems jagged follow these steps:
Selections > Modify > Contract > 1 > ok.
Selections > Modify > Feather > 1 > ok.
Selections > Invert.
Hit your delete key once.
Selections > Select none.

That should clean it up a bit.

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