You have been cleaning out the attic and you come across an old watercolor painting but the edges are torn and burnt a bit.  So what do you do with it?  How about mounting it on acid free paper and in an old wood frame!

(Smaller than finished graphic.)

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For this tutorial you will need:

Range.jpg ~ right click and save from below.
PSP 7 ~ Download a trial version.
XenoFex 1.1 ~ Download the trial version.
Texturizer ~ not available for download at this time.
Paint Engine ~ download here.
Woodgrain2.bmp ~ download here, extract to your Jasc Texture folder.


Open your range.jpg. Duplicate your original by holding the shift key down and type the letter D once.  Close the original image.

Set the background color  to #FFFEEA .

Image > Add Borders > these settings:

Click ok.

Effects > Plug-in Filters > XenoFex 1.1 > Stain > these settings:

Click the check in the top right.

Image > Add Border > Symmetric & 2 > Click ok.

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