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For this tutorial you will need:

PSP 7 ~ download a trial version.
Texturizer ~ no longer available for download.
Tutorial zip ~ download it here.

The zip file includes:

Selections ~ save to somewhere easy to get to.
Tubes for PSP7 ~ export into your tube folder.
(If you recognize these tubes please contact me.)
Stone.jpg ~ o
pen the stone.jpg and minimize.

If you are using PSP6 download the tubes here.
Thanks to Shala for the tubes for PSP6!

I have to confess where I got the idea to build this.  I actually have one of these in my back yard.  The only difference is I have boards under each block so the dirt won't fall out lol!  It is actually a great planter for my 5 year old to work.  If I had some film in my camera I would have put a picture up of it.  Hmmmm.... time to ask for a digital camera eh?!

And we are off......

Open a new 200 x 200 image....

Click ok.

File > Save as > planter.psp

Remember to save your work often.

Add a new layer.

Set your foreground style to pattern and your background style to null.

Click inside the pattern area on the Styles box and choose the stone.jpg at these settings:

Click ok.

Selections > Load from disk > pmp-rside.sel

Choose your flood fill tool.

Fill the selection with the pattern.

Leave selected.

Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel > these settings:

Click ok.

Selections > Select None.

Add a new layer.

Selections > Load from disk > pmp-front.sel

Fill with the pattern and apply the inner bevel using the same settings.

Select None.

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