Swirls & Twirls
Tutorial by Whisper

This tutorial was created and put on this site on April 12, 2003.
It is property of and 2001-2003 to Whisper's Web Works.
Please do not copy or place this tutorial or any of the graphics on any site, email or elist without written permission directly from me. If you would like to share the url for this tutorial, you may do so without writing for permission, but I always welcome a "whot, where" email.  Thank you.

For this tutorial you will need:
Paint Shop Pro  ~ download a trial version.
Simple Filters ~ download here.
WW-Chrome Gradient ~ download here, unzip into your PSP gradients folder.


Open a new image:
200 x 200 pixels
16.7 Million colors

Set your foreground to ww-chrome gradient and set at:
Angle 45
Repeats 5

Flood fill your image with the gradient.

Effects > Geometric effects > CurlyQs > these settings:
Columns & Rows 10
Size 100%
Strength 10

In your layer palette right click on the layer and Duplicate.

Image > Rotate > 90, right > ok.

Lower the opacity of the duplicated layer to 50.

Right click on either layer > Merge > Merge visible.

Effects > Edge > Enhance.

Now colorize the tile using Colors > Colorize or Effects > Enhance Photo > Manual Color Correction.

Effects > Plug-in Filters > Simple > Quick Tile.

All done!

This one was done with Manual Color Correction.

This one was done with Colorize.



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