Page 3

Open PSP.

Open the clouds.jpg.

Open your TerraGen rendering in PSP. Hold down the shift key and hit the D once.  This will duplicate your image.  Close your original image.

Image > Resize > pixel size of about 400 x 300, all layers checked.

Effects > Sharpen > Sharpen.

Activate your clouds picture.

Click on the copy button.

Activate your rendering.

Edit > Paste > As a new layer.

On your layer palette change your layer blend mode from Normal to Screen.

Slide the layer opacity to about 50%.

Now do you like how your fog looks?  If not try Image > Flip and/or Image > Mirror.  That will change where the fog lays.

Now just frame with your favorite method.

Merge your layers and save as a .gif or .jpg.

Thank you for trying my tutorial.


Here is another example: