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This background tile is not for the faint of heart.  *S*
A good use for this tile would be as a side or top border at 100% opacity.

For this tutorial you will need:

PSP 7 download the trial version
Jama 3D
Pizza Slice Mirror Filter
Texturizer & Canvas texture

If need be download and install Jama, Pizza Slice Mirror Filter and the Texurizer.  (Jama will self install and the other two go into your PSP Plugins folder.)  Unzip the canvas texture into the place you keep your .psd files for use with the Texturizer.


Right click and save the picture below:

Open the field.jpg in PSP.

In your layer palette right click on your background layer and convert to raster layer.  Resize your picture to 350x350 with maintain ratio unchecked.

(Click for larger view.)

Your picture will look kind of squishy but that is ok!

Now you want to apply your Jama 3D filter.
Effects > Plugin Filters > Redfield > Jama 3d > with these settings:



(Click for larger view.)

(Click for larger view.)

Click Apply and now your picture should look very blocky with a colored edge.

Double click on your selection tool and put in these settings:
Left & Top 15
Right & Bottom 335

(Click for larger view.)

Click ok and now you should have marching ants...

(Click for larger view.)

Hold down the shift key and hit the letter R (shift + R = crop to selection).
This should cut off the uneven edges.

Now you want to apply your Pizza Slice Mirror filter.
Effects > Plugin Filters > Simple > Pizza Slice Mirror.
Your picture should now look similar to this:

(Click for larger view.)

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