Gold Tartan Plaid
tutorial by Whisper

This tutorial was recreated and put on this site on May 2, 2005.
It is property of and 2001-2005 to Whisper's Web Works.
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This tutorial was inspired by Julie's Plaid tutorial.

For this tutorial you will need:
PSP 8 ~ download a trial version.
VM Filters ~ download here.
Simple's Filter ~ download here.
Harry's Video Rave Filter ~ download here.
ScreenWorks ~ download here.
Eliminate White Filter ~ download here.

Open a new image:
200 x 200 pixels
16.7 Million colors

Set your colors to red (#C00000) and green (#008000).

Flood fill with red.

Selections > Select all.

Selections > Modify > Contract > 15 > ok.

Flood fill with green.

Selections > Modify > Contract > 15 > ok.

Flood fill with red.

Continue contracting and filling, alternating with green and red until you get a bull's eye of sorts.

(Resized by 50%)

Add a new raster layer.

Flood fill the new layer with white.

Effects > Plug-ins> ScreenWorks > Fabric Weave.

Effects >Plug-ins > Transparency > Eliminate white.

Selections > Select all.

Selections > Float.

Fill this selection with the gold color, I am using #E8DBA6.
(You may want to zoom in for this step.  Also be sure your Match Mode is set to none.)

Selections > Select none.

In your layer palette right click on either layer and Merge.

Effects > Plug-ins > VM Distortion > Flip Chop > these settings:
Horizontal 29
Vertical 28

Effects > Plug-ins > VM Distortion > Flipper > these settings:
Size 55
Jumble 39
Flip 172

Effects > Plug-ins > Video Rave > Streamer > these settings:
PanWheel 0
Mode 19

(Or you may have this path:)
Effects > Plug-ins > Harry's Filters > these settings:
First drop down:  Other
Second drop down:  Streamer
PanWheel 0
Mode 19

Effects > Plug-ins > Simple > Diamonds.

Effects > Plug-ins > Simple > 4 Way Average.

That's all folks!


This one was done with blue (#006582), white (#FFFFFF) and yellow (#FFD801).

This one used the same colors as the one above but used the blue for the grid.