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This tutorial was created and put on this site on March 13, 2001.
It is property of and 2001-2002 to Whisper's Web Works.
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The items you will need for this tutorial are:

Paint Shop Pro 6
globe tube
base tube
sparkle tube
Animation Shop

First open a new image with the following settings:

width 300
height 300
background: transparent
image type: 16.7 million colors (24 Bit)

Shrink this blank image down.

Now open tulip.jpg.
The first step is to get a round picture for your globe. With your Selection Tool set as a Circle, place the cursor at the center (100,100), click and drag until your circle is just about to the edge. Now you have a circle of marching ants on your tulip image.

globe1.jpg (31504 bytes)

Go to "Edit" then "Copy". Now shrink the tulip and bring up your blank image. Go to "Edit" then "Paste" then "As New Layer".

You should now have 2 layers. Layer 1 - which is blank and Layer 2 - which has your tulip image but cut into a circle.

Right click on the Layer 2 in your layer palette. Choose "Properties", now rename layer 2 to Tulip.

With your "Mover" tool move the tulip up near the top.

globe2.jpg (35911 bytes)

Open 2 new layers. Name layer three Sparkles. Name layer four Globe.

You can ignore your Sparkles layer for the moment.

With your Globe layer selected in your layer palette, click on your "Picture Tube" tool. Select your globe tube with the scale set at 77. (The scale setting will vary a little bit depending on the size of the image you are placing it on.) Place your globe then with your "Mover" tool move the globe around so that it sits nicely on top of your tulip.

globe3.jpg (55287 bytes)

Open a new layer and name it Base. Select your base tube with the scale set at 77. (The globe tube and base tube are matched for scale size, so set the base scale to whatever you set your globe scale at.) Place your base then with your "Mover" tool move the base around so that it sits nicely at the base of your globe.

globe4.jpg (53565 bytes)


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