Making Seamless Tiles with 20/20

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If you don't already have 20/20 go get it!!  It makes seamless tiles very easily!

Now grab this image...


Open the flower image in 20/20.

Go to Image > Muted Background or click the Muted Background speed button located on the Image tab of the Application tool palette.

Now you should get a box that looks like this...

You can adjust the Opacity by moving the slider to the left for a lighter look.  To see the effect click on the "preview" button.  Another pop up will open with your preview, to close the preview window just click on the little "x".  Play with the opacity and previewing until you get the look you want.

When you get it just right click OK, and then save the image normally in a .gif or .jpg format.

That is all there is to it!  You now have a seamless tile.

Mine turned out like this...
and is what I used for the background on this page.

You can also use 20/20 to make your textured background tiles seamless too.

Happy Tiling!

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