Foiled Text
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This tutorial was created and put on this site on January 4, 2005.
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For this tutorial you will need:
Paint Shop Pro  ~ download a trial version.


Open a new image:
500 x 300 pixels
16.7 Million colors

Activate your text tool.

Set your foreground to solid white and your background to solid light blue, I am using #C5DDF1.

Click inside your image to set your text.

Here are the specifications of the text I am using:
Create as vector
Poor Richard
Size 58
Stroke 1.0
Anti-alias checked

Apply your text.

(I have filled my background for easier viewing.)

Objects > Align > Center in canvas.

In the layer palette, right click on the vector layer and convert to raster.

Activate your magic wand and set at:
RGB value
Tolerance 5
Anti-alias unchecked
Feather 0

Click on the blue part inside one of your letters.

Selections > Modify > Select color range >
Tolerance 0
Softness 10
Reference color #C5DDF1
Add selected

Now all the blue in your letters should be selected.

Effects > 3D effects > Inner bevel > these settings:
Bevel  Rounded
Width  14
Smoothness  15
Depth  3
Ambience  0
Shininess  24
Color  White
Angle  315
Intensity  45
Elevation  30

(If you want the sparkle foil effect....
Adjust > Add/Remove Noise > Add noise > uniform, 18, monochrome checked.)

Effects > Artistic effects > Chrome > these settings:
Flaws 5
Brightness 100
Original color checked

Selections > Select none.

Add a nice drop shadow and your text is ready to go!

Please visit page 2 for examples made by my testers.

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