Psycho-Deli Tile
tutorial by Whisper

This tutorial was created and put on this site on June 13, 2004.
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For this tutorial you will need:
Paint Shop Pro 8  ~ download a trial version.
Simple Filters > download here.

Open a new image:
200 x 200 pixels
Raster background
16.7 Million colors

Set your style boxes to:
Foreground - solid, medium color.  I am using #FFD201.
Background - solid, light color.  I am using #FFE8BD.

Activate your paint brush and set at:
Square shape
Size 25
Hardness 100
Step 1
Density 100
Thickness 100
Rotation 0
Opacity 100

Randomly dot squares onto your image.

On your brush settings change the shape to round and the size to 20.

Add some circles to your image.

Change the size of your brush to 10 and add some more circles.
(I added a black background so that it was easier to show you mine.)

Adjust > Softness > Soften.

Selections > Select all.

Selections > Float.
(If you are using v7 then you will now need to defloat the selection before the next step.)

Selections > Modify > Expand > 4 > ok.

Add a new raster layer.

Fill the selection with the opposite color you used for the squares and dots.

Add a new raster layer.

Selections > Modify > Expand > 4 > ok.

Fill the selection with the brighter color - the one you made the squares and dots with.

Continue adding layers, expand selection, fill with alternating colors until you have filled the whole image.

Selections > Select none.

Now what you should see is a solid filled image.  We need to reverse the order of the layers.

In your layer palette grab the bottom layer and drag it to the top.

Next drag the bottom layer to right below the top layer.

Continue reversing the layers until the numbers are lowest to highest, top to bottom.

Right click on any of the layers and Merge > Merge visible.

Effects > Plugins > Simple > Diamonds.

Your tile is now ready to be saved and used!

Page 2 for examples made by my testers.

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