Streamlined Background Set
tutorial by Whisper


Part 2 ~ The Image Slicer.


File > Export > Image Slicer.

Maximize your window if it is not already set to that.

Select the grid tool.

Click inside the image and set to 2 rows and 2 columns.

Select the arrow tool.

In the image grab the horizontal grid line and move it up so that your Y number is 100.

Now move the vertical grid line to the left so that your X number is 150.

Select the eraser tool.

Click on the vertical grid line that goes through the banner piece.

Now set the format to JPEG, check Apply optimization to whole image and click the Optimize Cell button.

Set compression to about 15 and hit ok.

Click the Save As button, find the location you want to save your images and .html; name the .html and save.

The image slicer settings are just the basics.  You may want to try different settings depending on what your image is.

*Click on the Save settings button if you want to reuse these settings again.

Close the image slicer.

The set is now ready for editing in .HTML format.


Onto part 3 ~ Coding for the .HTML page.


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